BHF – Ed Miliband / Take the Stairs Challenge Sheffield

It’s been another busy weekend with photographs for the BHF. After photographing Nick Clegg the other week I was asked back to another school in Doncaster to photograph the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband instead…


but no rest for the wicked. The next day was straight back to Sheffield for the inaugural “Take the Stairs Challenge” at University of Sheffield freshly refurbished “Arts Tower”.

Take The Stairs is a run with a difference.  Challenge yourself to run to the top of the University of Sheffield’s Arts Tower, standing a massive 78 metres high, that’s 20 floors of steps between the pavement and breathless glory as you reach the top.

After a quick warm up routine to get everyone ready down on the lower ground floor nice & close to terra firma

then it was time for the runners to be off. Oh & BTW can you go to the roof and photograph the runners as they finish. Err, did I mention I was a bit, well shit scared of heights… I was not looking forward to this bit.

Luckily the top was actually wrapped in louvres so was all rather enclosed and wasn’t any where near as scary as first imagined

which luckily guarded you from fears of shooting a few feet from the edge, though it did get to some…

Luckily even if St Johns weren’t on standby, Vinnie made an appearance too

In those louvres were some viewing points which allowed for some superb views over Sheffield, well worth the run up the stairs for.

Watch out for next years event!

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