Nabarro “Dancing As the Stars”

Below are my shots of the Nabarro charity ball “Dancing As the Stars” in support of BHF.

If you’d like to order any prints please contact me with the size requirements and the image ref from the slideshows. I should be able to provide 6×4 through 7×5, 10×8 etc up to A2/A3 prints or even canvas’s if required. I’ll try and confirm prices for these in the next few days. Any difference between cost of prints/post will then also be donated towards the BHF.

PS please also note some of the dancing images have been selected for the expression or feeling, and may not blow up ‘pin sharp’

Dance 1 – Officer & a Gentleman

Dance 2 – Flashdance

Dance 3 – Thriller

Dance 4 – Dirty Dancing

Mr Hearty Arrival Pictures

City Limits Pro Dancers

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