Photographing Nick Clegg

Last week I got an email off the British Heart Foundation, this it not unusual as I do a bit of volunteering photography for them locally.

This one was different though, this was not a few volunteers dancing around Sheffield Town Centre & fighting with other shooters for the shot. This was Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, I’d be the only photographer, checks date, no it really wasn’t April 1st.

So last Friday I found myself in a classroom at St Marie’s Catholic Primary School, as the children demonstrated & chatted candidly about the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) and Resuscitation Council UK’s (RCUK) work promoting the teaching of Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills in schools.




For the technical bods, the 30D I said I was selling last month was very much not for sale and was over my shoulder as a backup. I used the 5D & 24-70mm combo at 400ISO, I had a 580EX & stofen on camera, and off to about 5′ to the right was a slaved 550EX on a light stand bouncing off the ceiling all using E-TTL. For the first time ever I shot my 5D in Program mode (usually lives in AV or Manual) but in changing circumstances just let the camera get on with it.

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