52 Week Project – April

Back in January I set myself a 52 week photography challenge in order to keep my creative juices flowing. Carrying on from last month, here’s April’s efforts

Week 14

Err, dismal failure, as I didn’t get an opportunity with the camera.

Week 15 – Jakesaurus



Friends son 1st birthday “smash the cake”, they’d had a din0sour theme for the party, including for this, a dinosaur nappy. Of course, the old adage of never work with children being true here, as he totally failed to grasp the smash the cake concept, and just proceeded to eat it instead.

Week 16 – Uprising


Already seen in a dedicated post, this a copy of the Muse Uprising cover by Storm Thorgerson who passed away this week.

Week 17 – Furby 19

Furby 19

Another album cover copy, this time of Adele’s 19.

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