Dawn Raid

I’m a lousy landscape photographer, no really. Every landscape photographer worth his salt knows the best light is in the morning, whereas I’m of the thinking there’s only one 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock etc in a day, and stay tucked up in bed through the am ones every day. I occasionally pull my finger out and do a winter sunrise, when they’re a bit more palatable at 8am, and usually when arranged as a group effort so there’s someone to help cajole you along.

Discussing this with Gill though, and she said we should do one, OK, in a couple of weeks when they’re a bit later I say, but the weather’s good now, she counters. Very valid point. And so confirming the forecast is OK for tomorrow, and confirming the sunrise time, the alarm was set for 3:40am, and by 4:45 we were on Higger Tor, ready for the sunrise at 5:15. Useful, as the nice light starts before the sunrise, so despite questioning your sanity when you set the alarm, you’re always grateful for those extra 10-15mins rather than watching it in the car as you drive to the location.


After the sunrise you’re then treated to the morning glow which just basks everything in beautiful light, and you run around wondering why the hell as a photographer, or even just a human being, you sleep through this so you can stay awake later on in artificial light watching tosh, and don’t wake for this every morning. I find myself in a completely #1stworldproblem of what, from our hour out in the morning do I actually not publish.

Hope you enjoy, we’re already planning the next dawn raid outing… not tomorrow though, we’re having a lie-in.

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