Spurn Point

Fort Godwin

Fort Godwin

Wandering around the Kilnsea end of Spurn point feels like wandering around a post apocalypse film set, only it’s real, and sat on an East Yorkshire beach. Fort Godwin was opened in 1915 and used through to the 50’s, but since the 90’s, coastal erosion has eaten the sand away from under these huge structures, and they lay strewn across the beach, in much the same way as a you’d find a broken Lego house across the carpet.



When your eyes have finished taking in these huge structures, in amongst them all it’s lots of great little details too



A Little L

A Little L


After lunch we then wandered down past the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust hut to go and see the damage to the road, which had been washed away during the Tidal Surge of December 2013 with the intentions of heading down to the point. However it turns out that on tides above 6m, Spurn is now an Island, so you have to be back on the mainland 2 hours before the high tide, and todays high tide was 6.5m, at at 5pm, so 3pm curfew. This was good planning!

So with the tide coming in, I headed for the nearest groynes, armed up with the 10 stop filter, and went for the cliche’s




We then headed back up the beach to Kilnsea, by which time the tide was quite some way in, and it was shocking to see the building’s we’d be walking through earlier completely submerged and just tips of some of the gun placements showing, so a completely different look to the beach



Plus a few more shots from the day…

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