Poor Driving

Following my recent accident, drove up to Harrogate to look at a BMW, going up the A1 just south of Pontefract I witnessed a dark red 60 plate Citroen C1 join the A1M, it quickly moved out into the outside lane and proceeded to sit within feet of the rear bumper of the Ford Kuga I’d been following at a safer distance.

Feeling ever conscious of who is doing what around me as I drive currently, I increased my following distance and watched as the C2 continued to harass the Kuga, eventually the Kuga pulled over, so I expected the C2 to now pass the Kuga…, nope he dropped in 10′ behind him. Being a two lane section of the A1M it wasn’t long before the Kuga pulled out to pass the inevitable lorry, and the C2 rejoined very close behind.

It doesn’t really carry well in text, but it was a display of some of the worst motorway driving I’ve seen for a while… “probably no worse than the BMW/Audi drivers we see daily” I hear you cry at the screen. Questionable but then your typical BMW driver doesn’t have one of those white triangles on the roof with “xxxxx driving school L” on it…

Only wish  his name/website had been big enough to read so could name & shame!

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