RIP Pandora

Just returning to the office after popping home at lunch, waiting to turn in to the side street work is on, checking my mirrors I realised a van was very close and it wasn’t stopping…


The inevitable bang happened, I was thrown back in my seat, the radio thrown out the dashboard! I’d just been hit by a Mercedes Sprinter van at approx 25mph!

The driver of the van couldn’t have been more apologetic, “sorry, sorry, I didn’t see you”, I was rather shook up & dazed. Not sure how you miss 1.5 ton of Audi with it’s brake lights & indicators on, I suppose can only be thankful it wasn’t the pedestrian crossing 20′ behind me, things could have been very different.

But anyway any accident all occupants walk away from counts as a win in my book, even if I’m sat here 24 hour later with the inevitable neck/shoulder pains & rattling with co-codomol.

Unfortunately things don’t look so good for my beloved Audi, whilst I’m really shocked & impressed by how well she has stood up to the onslaught of the van, the accident has creased the rear quarter, boot, boot floor, smashed the lights & bumper, cracked the arch liners. The car is worth £2000, I’m sure the damage is more than that and the insurance company are going to write her off.


Boot floor

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