BHF Santa Jog – Sheffield – Dec 20th 2009

All through the year the British Heart Foundation runs various fund raising events, come December that take a bit of a more light hearted feel, when they do a short ‘Santa Jogs‘ around the country. The premise is simple, pay £10, run round the block in the provided Santa Outfit (or other fancy dress of your choice), have a laugh, raise some money, and actually do some exercise for once on a Sunday morning. You don’t even have to run, quite a few just walk the short course.

Two years ago I went along with the camera to do some photography, came back with some great pictures including the rather fun “Synchronised Santa’s”

Synchronised Santas

Synchronised Santa’s

which the BHF are using on their promotional materials for the event (inc the application form). Details of the Sheffield event on the 20th December are here on the British Heart Foundation website.

This year I’m entering too, though I’m not actually intending to do the run, I’m just going to do the photoshoot in Santa outfit instead for a laugh. But come along too, join in, these events need support and entry to survive (last years had to be cancelled), if you can’t make the Sheffield event on the 20th, see the British Heart Foundation site for events in your area.

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