Christmas Cards

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a long standing series of photographs staring a Gremlins ‘Gizmo’ plush toy, and a few (growing) number of friends. Looking out at the melting snow a few February’s ago, I thought “what I should have done is get Gizmo a Santa hat, take some pictures of him in the snow, and make it my custom Christmas card” for the coming Christmas. That single thought gradually built up through the year until I ended up finishing off with a full nativity scene of them and the following year wasn’t much more sensible when I had them as Santa & Reindeers.

Well I’m happy to say it doesn’t get any more sensible this year, because this year we had a huge snow fall in Feb, and, I already had Santa hats for them, and I had a day off to go up into the peaks to find some snow the kids hadn’t, so this years cards will be loosely based around…

Gizmo & Furby in the Show

Gizmo & Furby in the Show

Gizmo & Furby build a snowman

Winter Wonderland

Also like to make a special mention to Moo Printing at this point, as they’ve been through their printers twice trying to get the colours right on the cards, as I’d managed to select some text (the cards will have Merry Xmas on them) that CMYK printing really doesn’t like.

Fingers crossed the next batch will be bang on, and cards should be landing on some peoples door mats soon.

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