Great Ridge from Edale


Higgor Tor Dawn

Way back in January a group of us went for a walk along the Great Ridge from Edale. The weather for this day was hugely changeable, I started the day up at Higgor Tor for the sunrise, which started bright, then half way through turned into a snow flurry on the tops, and then gave us a golden sunrise which I posted earlier in the year. I then jumped in the car and headed to meet the rest of the group at Edale, and then en route it then started to sleet & snow for 20 minutes, and as I parked my RWD car up in the middle of nowhere with just fumes in the tank and snow around it I was rather questioning my sanity.


So as we headed up the tops were covered in fresh snow, and visibility as we ascended decreased to bugger all, though occasional breaks in the cloud led promise to what was to come for the day


But a few minutes later and there would be full cover again. I don’t think I’ve known a day out with the camera where the weather & light were so changeable, I’m used to firing off a few shots of the same scene, then getting home and looking in Lighroom and thinking to myself “why oh why did I even press the shutter a second time?” as you look at two identical shots. Sometimes I wonder why I even pressed it the first time, but that’s a whole different matter. On this day, every shot would be different as the light moved from second to second, you’d be watching the break in the cloud moving across the fields hoping it’d land on a spot you’ve identified and hoping you could grab the shot at the right moment.

The exif for these two shots exactly two minutes apart at 11:40:03 and 11:42:03. Ten minutes earlier as we came down off Mam Tor we couldn’t even see past the end of our noses. After this the low cloud cover finally blew over, but a strong breeze and quickly passing cloud still meant every moment was different.










An alternate to the previously posted All Along the Backtor shot, plus a few extra shots…

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