RIP Storm Thorgerson

To my shame, it wasn’t until recently I knew Storm Thorgersons name. I knew his work, I’d been surrounded in my youth by his work, but under the name of Hipgnosis, their artwork all over my dads Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin collection. When, as part of my 52 week project I decided I’d like to mix in “Gizmo” versions of album art, Hipgnosis was there as some target work. Well, if you’re going to set yourself a challenge, may as well make it proper. It was then, when I started researching ideas, I realised of course, Storm Thorgerson was one of the key designers, and still churning out work I was putting on my shelves.

This week of course, we all know the big C caught up with Storm, so, as a tribute to some of his great work, here’s my Gizmo take on Storms Muse Uprising cover…


In case you’re wondering, here’s the original


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