Bye Bye 30D

For Sale: – SOLD

In pretty much close to mint condition, and with genuine Canon BG-E2N vertical grip – £300 ONO

The hotshoe has minor rubbing from having a flash fitted a handful of times. The only other mark I can find is a minor 0.5mm knick on the ridge between the front control wheel & the shutter release. Anything else being picked up by the flash is dust, or finger smudges. Short of finding one that has never had a flash fitted, I’m fairly sure there will be few as nice as this out there. I’ve got the box for the body (which has all the original CDs, charger, cables etc), not got the box for the grip. Will include 2 batteries.

History – it was bought by my dad as a hardly used mint backup when his main (also hardly used) Canon 30D needed to go in for repair, and so got about 2 weeks light use (ie it probably went out the house twice). I then took this off his hands two years ago as a backup/second body to my 5D. During this time, I’ve added the grip, it’s been out the house about 5 times, and rattled off sub 500 frames in that time. It’s because of this lack of use I’ve decided to let it go.

2.5″ LCD
Magnesium body

For full specs see the DP Review on the 30D

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