Mallory Park

For the Bank Holiday Monday a group of us headed to Mallory Park for some classic 60s car racing. Wasn’t really expecting much, the bill was full of old Triumphs, and expected a bit of a plodder meet.

It very much wasn’t though, went out to watch the first practice, out comes a lot of TR6s, some Lotus 7s, a Dino, and a pair of 3.0 Capris and they evidently weren’t hanging about. So much so two laps in to practice and the Dino locked up on Devils Elbow, jumped the gravel trap, & then flipped over the armco and dropped on to its roof. News was quick to follow that either the car or one of the barrier paddings had also hit a marshall.

It was a very heart in mouth 10 or 15 mins, we feared the worst when heard there was a marshall involved too, but glad to report that both the marshall & driver are OK. I can’t give any more info than that as I don’t know the details, & didn’t ask. NB The final shot was only fired off after we heard both were OK. As ever it’s a credit to the marshalls/safety teams etc who are the unsung heros of many a motorsport event for their quick responses in dealing with this accident, and in repairing the damage to the safety rails so the rest of the days events could carry on. It’s also a start reminder that just because you are behind the ‘safety’ rails at an event, you should still be on your guard and be keeping an eye on the cars when you are close to the track.

In to the afternoon & we were on for some fast close racing, car of the day was a beautifully turned out mk1 3.0 V6 Ford Capri, which sounded absolutely awesome, and went like stink too. Mallory Park will definitely be on our revisit list too, for a photographer, plenty of clear close (and safe) vantage points to enjoy the action, and the bogs were decent too (Donington with your dirty little blue cubicals take note)

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