Mallory – Classic Touring Car Racing Festival

At the weekend we visited Mallory Park for the Auto Glym Classic Touring Car Racing Festival. Less of a wordy post, more a picture highlights of the day.


Before we even got in to circuit, this lovely Lancia Fulvia Sport caught our eye in the car park queue

20130804-IMG_2055This Corvette sounded like thunder, well at least for the first few laps, then it sounded rather broken for the last few laps. It came back out later in the day though so we assume it was only a temporary problem.

The Green ReaperAlso sounding like thunder, sadly not an M5, but an E34 540i v8.

20130804-IMG_2187THIS, this just annihilated everything, and we don’t even think he was trying.

20130804-IMG_209580’s touring titans, stunning looking Texaco liveried RS Cosworth vs Fina Bastos AHR E30 M3

Texaco RS Cosworthand again. Because, well no reason needed really.

Amanda Ewings Art M3Another corking livery, this is Amanda Ewings E30 M3 in a Jeff Koons inspired BMW Art Car wrap

Andy Pyke Mk2 EscortSplitting opinions, Zakspeed colours are always a win, but still unsure about that rear wing…

Wideboy Sierra CosworthWide bodied Cosworth running tight to the barriers

Stuart Day Escort CosworthDon’t really miss video/audio, but this photograph fails to convey the lovely wastegate chatter of this cossie.

Fletcher Subaru Imprezaand finally a clean scooby.





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