How much would a change in MPG save?

A short while ago I created a mini spreadsheet to help calculate how much I’d save by changing cars to something more economical. Discussions on Twitter with @majorgav & @theoryofstuff suggested this could be of interest to others. So I’m making it available to all…

Pretty simply to work out, enter in the proposed MPGs across B3, D3, F3, H3 (blue) , pump price in B4 (orange), mileage in B8 (yellow), and the savings are shown in D11,F11 & H11 (green). Here it’s my Audi 20mpg, BMWs guestimate of 25mpg, and some more boring eco boxes in F & H, and a mileage of 7000 per year.

Here’s a difference example

This time an example based on 17,500, and showing that it can show how much it’d cost if you bought more of a guzzler, as well as a few more economical cars.

Download the Fuel Savings excel spreadsheet

LPG Conversions?

Just prompted by a post commenting on LPG fuel prices, I’ve ammended the spreadsheet to now also include a column that roughly calculates how much you’d save with an LPG conversion. This is based on info that says you lose roughly 15% of your performance/economy. Also needs the LPG as well as standard fuel prices to be updated.


I’ve also included a box so you can enter the proportion of mileage that would be done using LPG so as not to skew the figures unrealistically.

October 2011 Update – Also includes a miles per litre conversion, and also a calc for working out how much a weekday & weekend toy saves.

Download the Fuel Savings LPG excel spreadsheet

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