Winter Wonderland

They say a picture can say a thousand words, so here’s this months novel. Very photo heavy & less words, a bit of a photo diary from the past few days in and around Chesterfield & Brimington, Derbyshire.

Frozen Chesterfield Canal

A little splash of colour in the mainly empty town centre car park. This is Monday before it had really hit.

Winter Wonderland

Uphill Struggle

Just out doing the shopping

Cleared over a foot of snow off my car last night, only for it to be covered by morning, but even with benefit of chains with 2′ of snow for a fair distance before even hitting the road, I’m not driving anywhere for a day or three.

Some motoring heros & zeros

Her0s – The emergency services who’ve kept going through the worst of it (both the visible & behind the scenes people)

Delivery drivers still getting through. The Warburtons van driver paid in loafs to those that helped dig out. Think if those in shop had known that everyone would have helped. Local Co-op was queuing all the way around the shop & very quickly sold out of both bread & milk.

Zeros –

Those that couldn’t be arsed to remove any of the snow before setting off

Especially professional drivers who didn’t ever clear the whole of the windscreen, this one of Tower Taxis

You shop, we get stuck half way…

Abandoned Slalom

Abandoned vehicles

But the star award goes to Spire Tyres

who’ve got no excuse not to be running winter tyres, and also waited until they’d gone sideways on the main A619 & blocking it, before deciding it may be a good time to fit snow chains…

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