Step Back In Time

Last month visited the Crich Tramway Museum for it’s spooky ‘Starlight Halloween’ night. The Halloween decor was a bit on the cheap & nasty side, but that wasn’t the reason for going, instead short of going to Blackpool, the Crich Tramway Museum is one of the few places you can see trams operating, and the Halloween night gives a rare opportunity to do some long exposure night time shots for added affect. That Blackpool is a 300mile round trip & Crich a 30mile trip just helps to seal the deal. As an added bonus if you gift aid your entry admission, then your tickets are valid for 12months, bargain, so shall be going back to get some more ‘summery’ shots. Some period cobble stones, pub, cars etc all help towards maintaining a little piece of history at this working museum.

Midnight on the Crich Express

30second exposure, tram was moving for approx 20sec then painted the front end in with a few pops of flash to help freeze the front end of the tram after it had stopped. Pushed the raw white balance around which helped towards the period processing.

Beeston Air Brake Car 399

This shot is simpler than many think at first look. Basically it’s a stationary tram up front with another passing behind it during a 30second exposure.

This shot quickly got back a comment on twitter ‘”Oh WOW! I live about 7 miles from Crich but I’ve never been… you may have tempted me though.. Great photo…”

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