It never rains but it pours…

It was inevitable really, the car park where I work is the veritable bastard to get in & out of. Anyone who drives it daily has had a battle scar at some point somewhere on their cars, so far in nearly 11 years I’ve pretty much escaped it. It’s because of this I also get chucked the keys to anything big, new, expensive, inexperienced, busy people to get their cars in/out the drive.

Sods law then that a few weeks after I get a new car, I finally twat the frigging wall…


I’ve got no real excuses, half asleep half looking at brake light reflections in the windows opposite far end of drive, missed the fact I was close to the wall on left and clobbered it on the rear arch. On the plus side the rear arches on the BMW had got a small amount of corrosion when I’d purchased it, so I’d already talked to @bunie78 about getting them sorted at the professional car bodyshop he works at, so fired off a MMS to find out how much this was adding to the bill, and to bring the job forward in the year. I did have to manually pull it out a little as could here on the short drive home the arch just rubbing on the sidewall of the tyre…

So she was quickly booked in for the following week, one of the great things about modern mobile phones (despite now being useless at calls which was why we had them in the first place), is that of course you can receive regular picture & message feeds during the day about how the car is progressing, so received a good few tweets and pictures to keep us updated, I’d hardly got back to the office when received this

made a start on BMW

Already looking a 100x better with the cement dust removed, though still slightly rippled (with a flat underside). Updates carried on thick & fast…

stage two ground back and shot blasted

next up date filler

next drivers side

Masked off


So a very busy day one in the garage, day two (Tuesday) started with the car like this

so this is what your car looks like at the mo

waiting for the primer to be flatted back

Primed, flatted, in the booth ready for paint

and the drivers side

Ready for paint

Ready for paint 2

Prepped Bumper

Updates for the Wednesday are a bit dry as my friend wasn’t working that day, and anyway it’s a bit hard to take pics inside a spray booth, so the next updates are from Thursday, seeing her coming back together and covered in new shiny paint


Rust be gone

So now she’s back home, waxed, and looking, well…


As good as new (but typical BMW driver park job)


Rust gone, scrape mark gone, looking a very nice & shiny E36. I shall be taking a close eye on that bloody wall in future. These are all iPhone grabs, so have to go out soon and get some proper pics.

*All work in progress pictures © @bunie78

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