Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits is an anual scultpture exhibition in the ground of Chatsworth House, Derbyshire. I was meant to be helping a friend clear out a garage but last minute change of plan left me with a spare day and a spare BOGOF ticket offer to Chatsworth thanks to an earlier visit to Keddleston (so if your a NT member worth dropping in just for the ticket en route), making it a slightly more pocket friendly £12 for two around the house & gardens.

It can be all too easy at these events to just ‘shoot the scultpure’ which can leave with shots not to dissimlar to the catalogue shots for the exhibition, or even worse. The first exhibit we came to was the substantial bronze “Eros Bendato Screpolato”, which was being backlit by harsh September afternoon sun. Not a great start. Having looked for a few different angles from the lit sides and coming up with nothing, I decided to pull out the Canon 580EX and my 3m OC-E3 (off camera flash cable). First shot I knew I was onto something, and after a few changes of camera & flash angle, I got this…

Bound Eros Cracked

which is much more dramatic than anything else of this sculpture I’ve seen, see Google and see for yourself.

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