Lancaster bombers over Chatsworth


As many know, there are only two flying Avro Lancasters in the world, one part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and the other part of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, so it has been many years since two Lancasters flying together. However this year the Canadian team brought their Lancaster over to Blighty, so there has been a few opportunities to see them together this year.

I’d checked the airshow tour timetable, but they were either miles away, or ones we just couldn’t get too, so didn’t expect to see them or get these shots. A colleague where I used to work went to one of the air shows specifically and missed them due to an engine failure on the Canadian plane that weekend. Gutting.


Whilst on holiday though I saw information saying their final public display they’d be flying the famous Derwent Valley run, just on our doorstep, but this is notoriously popular at the best of times, so was trying to think of alternate vantage points that we could make it to, that could chance us a view of the two Lancasters. Later tweets have helped justifying the decision having seen the gridlock around the A57 & hearing about the parking.

Then at the last minute I discovered the route would actually then pass over Chatsworth House, even nearer to our doorstep, and extending the number of vantage points.


As a Hurricane & Spitfire passed over half an hour earlier on the same route, high, we expected similar views of the two Lancasters, so when the two of them punched through at tree height, and right overhead, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the views & noise of all those Merlin engines.



All shot with Canon EOS 6D with Canon EF 70-200mm F4L & Kenko 1.5x teleconverter

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