52 Week Project – July

If in some months it seemed as if my 52 week project was heading in to oblivion, for July, suddenly everything hit go.

Week 27

Straight out the gates on the 1st day, a trip to Blackpool started out looking grey and glum, but then in the afternoon the clouds broke, and I discovered just how popular a few balanced stones were. Then topped the week off with a walk around Hardwick and another in the peaks.

Week 28

Another week getting shots in the bag on a Monday, taking advantage of my new three day weeks in the day job, and heading to White Post Farm with the fisheye. Then followed up with a walk around a localish reservoir (Agden) and a sunset walk along Baslow Edge

Week 29

After a fast paced few weeks, bit quieter this week, but explored Cressbrook Dale one evening along a section we’d not before, then at the weekend met up with some friends and their little lad who’s always good for a shot.

Week 30

Another week with the weekly shot nailed on the first day. Also ticking the box of “really, really, must do something with that Triggertrap I bought last year, but still haven’t done anything with yet”, by nailing a lightning shot. Something despite repeat lightning this last week, I’ve still not managed to repeat. Then on a quieter less stormy night headed out to the neolithic Arbor Low

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