Snow Gives Way to Ice

Earlier in the week I posted about testing the snow chains I’d bought in 18″ of snow on my Audi, which was probably a fair bit too deep for trying to move my car regardless of what tyres/chains are fitted as the snow was up around the axles. I’d summarised they were a bit of a pain to fit, but evidently gave grip you wouldn’t have otherwise.

However, last night though I’d got the Transit Connect I’ve been bombing about in for a few days in to the car park at home, trying to climb up the incline that has been turned in to something that resembles a ‘mogul’ course in ice by the other cars, the transit was having non of it. I spent over 20 mins trying to dig out the front wheels, rocking it in 3rd/rev trying to get it moving. Nada.

I went inside for a sulk.

Then I realised whilst the chains are made for my 215/45/17s it does also fit a small number of other tyre sizes, including by chance those on the Transit. Let’s give it a go…

Whereas I’d struggled with the tight clearances between the arches and tyres on the Audi, there was plenty of room on the Transit, so the chains went on within 5 minutes, click the tension button, roll back 6″, listen to the tensioners whizzing the chains tight…

and then stick it in 2nd & drive off as if you have the tyres sitting on tarmac. No fuss, no fucking about, no hard work with a shovel. What a difference.

Lesson learned, the chains may take a few minutes effort, but even if it seems like you only want to go a short distance, they are a hell of a lot less effort than the shovel and pushing. Definitely recommended. However now the snow has hit hard you may find it a struggle finding anywhere with them in stock (I bought mine back in October).

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